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Mary Helen Cochran Library: Nicole Basbanes Contest


Basbanes Contest

Contest Information



Select 25 - 50 items from your collection


Compose a brief (less than 5 pages) statement of the purpose of the collection & ideas for the collection’s future development


Include an annotated bibliography describing each volume and its special interest to the collection and/or collector


Submit all materials to Library Associate Director Director Beth Daniel Lindsay by the deadline (now closed)  

Winners of the Nicole Basbanes Student Book Collecting Contest will be eligible to enter the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America (ABAA) National Collegiate Book Collecting Contest.

The Contest is sponsored by Mr. Nicholas Basbanes and the Sweet Briar College Friends of the Library. Winners do not need to have large or expensive collections. Judges will focus on the collector's stated purpose and goals and how well the collection meets them.

Judges:  Mr. Nicholas Basbanes, Ms. Nicole Basbanes Claire '04, and TBA.

* All Sweet Briar College students currently enrolled as full-time students are eligible.                

* Previous winners are ineligible.