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Library FAQ: Library Frequently Asked Questions


Faxes in the Library

Sweet Briar College community members (including Friends of the Library) can send and receive faxes at the Library at no charge. For the general public the sending fee is $3.50 per fax.

The Library fax number is 1-434-381-6173. Sweet Briar College community members can use this number to have faxes sent to their individual attention. You will be called when your fax arrives. It will be held for you at the Library's front desk.


We no longer charge overdue fines for books! However, if your book is overdue, you will get a notice. If you lose a book you will be billed, but we no longer charge overdue fines on books. Audio, video and software are charged at one dollar per day. Late reserve items are charged at 25 cents per hour. These must be paid in person at the library front desk. Please contact Katie Glaeser at 434-381-6308 if you have questions.

In the last week of classes of fall and spring terms, the library holds a pet food drive for the Amherst County Animal Shelter. Donations to the pet food drive will erase all overdue fines, but they will not erase lost material fees.

See more information about borrowing books by reading about Loans.


LION Questions

★ How do I see a list of DVDs or Audiobooks in LION?
Go to LION. Use the Subject Exact search box:

To find a list for format:
Type this search:
Audiobooks Audiobook SBC
Video Disc Video Disc SBC
Videocassette Videocassettes SBC

★ Why cant I request any books via LION? Even Randolph books are unavailable for requests. Should I just get them through ill?

Sadly, the "Request Item" button in LION is only for requesting items that are checked out. It really should read "If item is checked out you can put a hold on it here for when it is returned." But the button isn't that big.

So - if the book is not checked out you should go to the SBC stacks and pull it for yourself. If you don't like the stacks, an SBC library staffer will be glad to go with you.

If the book is at Randolph College AND it is checked out, feel free to use the "Request Item" button. When the book is returned the staff at Randolph will email you to let you know you can come pick it up at their circulation desk. For faster service, you could simply request it via ILL.


Cochran Library has a photocopier in the Periodicals Room of the Library. The copier will allow you to make paper copies from paper originals. You may also save digital copies of paper originals to your jump drive or email documents to yourself and others in PDF format. Paper copies are ten cents per page. This must be paid at the front desk on your honor as a Sweet Briar student. Digital copies are free.

The Junius P. Fishburn Music Library also has one photocopier. The price for each copy is ten cents. Copies must be paid for at the front desk. It is a violation of the honor code to steal photocopies.

There is a copiers for microfilm and microfiche in the Periodicals Room of the main library. You can make paper or digital copies from the micro-format copier. Digital copies are in PDF format and can be saved to a jump drive or emailed from the library.

There is also a Duplicating Office on campus which charges five cents a page. The Duplication Office is located in the back of the campus Bookshop. This is often a better alternative for students who must do extensive photocopying.

Your Personal Librarian

All faculty and students have a personal librarian to help them with research questions. Find your Personal Librarian using the pull-down menu below!

Do you need help? Text-A-Librarian!

Questions? Comments? Text Us!

Dial 66746 and start your question with the word Daisy.

For example: "Daisy why does the Sweet Briar Vixen wear pearls?" Your question will be answered on your phone, via text, in less than 24 hours. Text DAISY to 66746 for more instructions. Give it a try!

Parking for the Library

Visitors to Cochran Library may park in the lot indicated by the red star on the map below. Handicapped parking spaces and a few visitor parking spaces are located in the lot indicated by the pink H. Cochran Library is marked on the map with a blue book icon. Click here for a PDF campus map.


VCCA Fellows, BLUR and Young Writer's participants are allowed to check out books from the Cochran Library.

VCCA Fellows can keep books for a period of one month.  In order to check out any "media" items, (DVDs, Books on Tape, etc.) VCCA Fellows may leave the media item at the front desk where the secretary for the VCCA will check it out for the VCCA Fellow. The Fellow must notify the secretary that an item (or items) is waiting to be checked out at the Library's front desk. 

BLUR and Young Writer's participants can keep books for two weeks. Members of both groups must ask their instructor to check out items for them.